Pool Fence

Pool Fence

Pool Fence

The pool is a cherished hangout place in the summer for a lot of Australian families. Who could resist taking a dive into the cool waters in the summer heat? Inasmuch as the pool is actually the epitome of having fun, one should also put up safety measures for adults and kids alike. A recommended safety measure is actually putting up a fence around the pool. Not merely does it add to the aesthetic value of the pool, but it also significantly reduces accidents. Glass is rapidly becoming a popular substitute for a safe and seamless way to fence a pool. You will find 3 ways to go about this: semi-frameless, pin-fixed, and frameless glass pool fencing.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Pool Fencing

In frameless pool fencing, there are actually no visible joints and all that may be seen is actually a chain of seamless panels. The glass used is actually of utmost quality, that’s, ten mm strengthened quality A safety glass. Its edges are actually smooth and highly polished. Moreover, the sides of the glass don’t have metal sidings. It is the bottom side which has steel hinges that are connected to the ground. Frameless pool fencing is actually liked by many since it is a sophisticated and elegant way to ensure safety and security. This pool fencing is normally used in luxurious surroundings. This’s because these areas often have decor that is beautiful and opaque fencing obscures the vision. Sustaining this type of pool fencing doesn’t require a lot from you. The most effective way to clean them is to use water and liquid soap. The dishwashing liquid in the home of yours is going to do the job just fine.

Semi-frameless Glass Pool Fencing

In semi frameless glass pool fencing, the glass panels are actually held in place using unique semi frameless stainless steel or perhaps powder coated lightweight aluminium posts. They’re usually much more affordable compared to fully frameless fences, although they may not provide a similar stylish appeal. Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is actually popular among parents who would like to keep the kids of theirs from inserting their hands between the gaps that occur in pin-fixed and frameless glass fencing.

Pin-fixed Swimming Pool Fence

This pool fencing will undoubtedly turn heads as it’s a stunning appearance. It bears similar qualities to frameless pool fencing in its appearance but has an added illusion of floating.

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Whether you want frameless, semi-frameless, or perhaps pin fixed glass pool fencing, look to the professionals we offer the best installation and repair services. At Glaziers Cairns, our experts have the skills to advise you on the right pool fencing for you and are actually able to install it to make certain that your family is actually safe around the pool.

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